Poetry: Foundation

The foundation of our relationship was built on a sandy beach

It was beautiful during summer

We would sing our song around campfires on starry nights

We would soak our feet in the shallow water and enjoy the salty sea air

We would roll around in the dunes

tickle our bare feet in the tall grasses

Until winter came

Storms made the tide rush in

The salty sea ate away at our foundation

Flushed away the sand we used to stand on

Hopelessly reaching out, holding on to the last pieces of our foundation

Until the biggest storm came

And flushed it all away

We were left on the sandy beach

Bruised and scarred

Longing for a place to call our own

But it felt impossible

To begin building anything new

Our foundation was destroyed

We were exhausted

One last storm rushed in

The tide was more vigorous and unforgiving

I held on for dear life

But you let go

I got washed away at sea

Engulfed in the waves

Splashing around to no avail

Slowly drowning in my own storm


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