Poetry: Profanity

Just because you got to sleep at my place
Doesn’t mean you get to touch me in those ways

You have no fucking right to feel sad
Pretending like it wasn’t your intention after I caught you in the act
Saying it wasn’t your plan after I got fucking mad
Thinking I will pity you after saying “I feel bad”

Stop pretending like you’re the victim
Stop self-pitying and just fucking listen

You know you have no chance with me when I’m sober
So, you get me drunk, wait ‘till I’m asleep, thinking that will win me over?

You’re a fucking disgusting pig
Now every time I see you, I think I might be getting sick
I should’ve punched you in the face and cut off your fucking dick
You’re not just crazy, you’re a god forsaken lunatic


Cover photo by Camila Quintero Franco.

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