Poetry: Mind In a Haze

I’m perfectly aware I should let it go
Spread my wings and take control
Not being led by desire until it takes its toll
But I guess all my feelings are currently on parole

My mind is often spinning
From all the bottles I’ve been sipping
Thinking about how we could be dipping
Wishing this period could do some skipping

I definitely don’t long for you always
Most of the time I’m good, met with some bad days
But sometimes feeling like I’m going through a craze
When nothing seems clear, mind in a haze

Every now and then I long for your touch
Tell myself it’s manageable; I don’t need it that much
But ever since I stopped rolling like the Dutch
My so-thought “control” is escaping my clutch

Pressing your body up against mine
Rolling in bed, forgetting about time
Any minute spent, sweet and benign
All these memories making me lose my mind


Cover photo by Little Visuals.

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