Poetry: Tipsy Misadventures

Seemed like a good idea when I was still tipsy
But now the whole situation just seems kind of iffy
Looking for knowledge and experiences with me
Would you have kissed me, missed me, dissed me?

You would’ve had me if I was still low
I wouldn’t have seen what it was and taken it slow
Maybe thinking there’s still room to grow
But this time it’s a no

You have your stories and I have mine
But to me its quite clear, this is not the right time
I don’t want to get our lives all intertwined
I don’t fit yours and you don’t fit mine

Kind of feel like I’ve been lied to
Despite all your good efforts to disguise you
Thought you could rule too
But I ain’t no fool, boo

Go back to your missus and crawl into bed
Give her some kisses while I go back to my shed
That’s where I’ll be; perfectly content
Without you thinking this is the way to be friends

You might think it’s not that big a deal
But I commit to keeping it real
I’m definitely not the kind that likes to steal
And this whole situation is less than ideal

Thank you for giving me inspiration
Even though it was paired with some frustration
Cleared out my mind; I don’t want any relations
And thus, shouldn’t get involved in any flirtation

I admit the way my mind works is kind of odd
Went 200 mph without a second thought
But even then, I realized I don’t want to get caught
Maybe I see things that others do not


Special thanks to Elina Sazonova for the cover photo!

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